YALI TRIBE , Eastern Highland ... Yali is another tribe living to the east from Baliem Valley. One of the indigenous groups inhabiting the Baliem Valley region, in the midst of the Jayawijaya mountain range of Papua Indonesia, is the Yali ‘Lords of the Earth’. They live in the virgin forests of the highlands. The Yali are officially recognized as pygmies, with men standing at just 150 cm tall. Some of our clients also called the Yali home as the Switzerland of Papua to describe how beautiful the nature is. Almost similar like the rest of the Papua tribe men, the Yali peoples also wear their traditional penis gourd with occasionally rattan hoop along the waist, with a string to attach the penis gourd tip to the waist too. The women wear grass skirt only. To protect them from the chilled air, the Yali applied the pig fat on their skins. Most Yali peoples built their houses on the mountain ridge or on the slope of the mountains, which is become the natural protection from their enemies. FYI, tribal war were common on West Papua. Untill nowadays, the Yali peoples succesfully preserve their traditional stone age custom and culture. Here the trekking is very strenuous one, steep uphill trekking, climbing through the stone wall of the mountain, walking through the highland swamp, slippery trail, crossing some bridgeless river, and stay overnight in the jungle camp.

12 Days Yali Tribe Adventure. The difficulty grade of this trip is challenging detail package

Mek-Yali Tribe Adventure, 7 Days Challenging Trip detail package