JOURNEY TO ASMAT LAND Scattered over an area of some 25,000 square kilometers, Asmat Tribe inhabit a tropical lowland, alluvial swamp, and rainforest zone. The geographic coordinates are approximately 6° S and 138° E. (West) Papua or formerly called Irian Jaya is located at the periphery of the monsoon region, with the most prevalent winds in Asmat blowing from November through April. The hottest month is December, the coolest June. Rainfall regularly exceeds 450 centimeters annually. In this trip we will traveling in the remote area with all the limited access, limited and simple facility. Please aware with this below noted when traveling in the remote area as follow : FACTS: As you will be traveling to the “wild area and remote place” of the one of the third world party, the limitation of facilities, infra structure, unpredictable weather, and cultural differences can lead you to inconsistency in standards and can make you frustration. Therefore you must be ready with the unexpected things and sometimes the arrangements on filed do not go smooth as we planned and not exact like mathematics. ATTITUDE: For those who want to travel and enjoy the trips, it is very important to set your expectations on the right level for third world country, and leaving Western expectations behind. Consequently the lifestyle on the trips is necessarily very different from that of an ordinary holiday. You must approach travel in this area of the world with an OPEN MIND, PATIENCE and FLEXIBILTY. A flexible attitude and understanding problems can arise allows you to enjoy the trip more. If you are not prepared or willing to accept all of these facts, you should not do the trip. However, all the staffs of ADVENTURE INDONESIA will work hard to overcome problems which may be incurred and ensure that its standard of services are maintained. You should aware that some things are beyond our control.

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