Margie Schneiderman
Hi Novi, I apologize for the long delay in writing back to you. Virginia had a wonderful time on her trip and I want to thank you for making this all happen She told me that everything worked perfectly - the hotels were nice and the guides very good. So thank you and I will surely contact you the next time I have a client visiting Indonesia AND I will spread the word to other agents about your superb service. My heart goes out to the people in Indonesia who are waiting to hear news of Air Asia 8501. I hope you were not personally affected by this tragedy. Wishing you a wonderful New Year Best Margie Margie Schneiderman J & I TRAVEL 475 Park Avenue South - 33rd fl New York, NY 10016

Kyle Jackson
Hi Novi, I hope you are well. I just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging our trip. We are now back in Singapore safe and sound. We had an incredible time, all four of the guys on the boat were fantastic (food was very good) and all the activities were mind blowing. The one and only negative to the trip was the A/C units which we couldn’t use for the duration of the trip. When the electricity was working the A/C unit when switched on would cause the generator to make a huge noise and shake the boat- not great when you are trying to sleep. The generator was also switched off around 2 am and so there was no power even for the fan during the night. I only mention this as it was an extra cost to us and we really don’t feel it was worth it. However, as I say we had an amazing time, and will be highly recommending you to our friends. Now, let’s talk about Borneo… :-D Regards, Kyle