It was perfect in every way. Thanks so much to you and everyone. We can't wait to return. Best Nathalie

Eric Feibelman
Dear Andri, Thank you for your email. I'm sorry I did not take time to send an email sooner , since I have quite a lot of work after this long break in Indonesia. Everything was very great and smooth, the teams were good, and really I keep a very warm memory of the adventure. Especially, the guide who climbed on Merbabu with me (Ardi van Menir), was very professional and I felt very safe with him. It was a breathtaking moment. The team in general were very friendly, always early at the appointments in the morning, so I never had to wait whatsoever. Mr. Supriyatno organised for me a very great evening at Ramayana Ballet. The hotels were very good, with pools to relax. Thank you very much. I'll sure keep in touch with you, should I go back to Indonesia in the future. Best regards, Eric Feibelman

Larry & Katie Lawson
Hey Andri- Thanks for your help with our trip. Not just with the bookings, but also the numerous changes we made on the fly. Very professional and user friendly, I could not give you higher marks. Feel free to use me as a reference for future clients. I just wanted to give you my perspective on the various portions of our trip. Borneo was fantastic. We went there to photograph Orangutans and our guide, Sam, was great. We were always the first ones in and he let us stay as long as we wanted. He could not have delivered more and was a nice guy too. The other three crew members were great also, getting us in optimal position for some great photographs between the feeding stations. This part could not have been better. Jayapura is not a great city, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, the Aston was one of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in. The air conditioning didn't work and the room smelled moldy. The restaurant was awful and the bartender did not know how to mix any of the drinks on their menu. It looked particularly bad compared to the Swiss Belhotel, a place we booked on our own when we came back to the city. It was superior by every measurable parameter. I would think about recommending this as your place to stay in Jayapura. Seeing the Korawai was my favorite part of the vacation. The families were interesting, friendly and could not have been more accommodating. It was truly an outstanding experience on every level. Unfortunately, getting there was another story. Dekai and Mabu were the low points in the trip. The former has essentially no services and the latter was downright scary. Mabu was terrible. We stayed in a tent in a bungalow with 3-4 families. We were right by the water container so people were coming by all night. Of course this was somewhat of a moot point as we could not have slept anyway. The four screaming infants we shared accommodations with made sure of that. We were able to get from the Korowai to Dekai in a single day when leaving. I would highly recommend having a single day option for getting there as well. While Mabu may actually be modern Korowai people, it is not at all interesting, friendly or a place I would ever choose to stay. I can't think of a single nice thing to say about that place. Wamena was okay. The Dani feast was spectacular, but the rest kind of underwhelming. We repeatedly told Jonas all we wanted to do was photograph indigenous people, but he never quite figured that out. As photographers we continually said we only 2 hours a day; from 7-8:00a.m and 5-6:00p.m. The rest of the day we just explored on our own. He was able to get a few small groups to dress up for shots, but it was always in town. He wouldn't take us to the villages and it was pretty weak. On the last day we were actually still in Wamena at 7:15 (our prime shooting time) while he was trying to buy a pig. Jonas speaks good English and is a nice guy, but was a pretty mediocre guide. I would seriously consider replacing him. I no longer have any desire to see the Wamena festival knowing he would likely be the guy taking us around. He just couldn't figure out what we wanted to do. All that being said, we had a great time and I want to thank you again. Please send me an invoice for $300 on PayPal, I want to give you a tip. Thanks again, Larry

Ranjan Sharma
Dear Andri: Thank you for your kind message. Let me tell you that we had a great time in Indonesia! Your services were excellent and the country warm and inviting! You all did a great job and we were very impressed! So thanks again for your help! We do want to return in the next couple of years. The places on the list are Makassar, Maluka, Irian Jaya, Lombok, Komodo, Gilli Island, Kapung, W Timor. I especially want to visit Banda Islands. Is there good, efficient transportation to Bandas? When is the best time of year to visit the above areas? We want to avoid the rainy season! Thanks again! I hope you are feeling better and keep in touch! Warm regards, Ranjan Sharma