Sharon Heal
HI Andri, We had an absolutely fantastic time on our tour thank you. Both guides were wonderful and also the driver. We were pleasantly surprised with the comfort level of the boat and the food was excellent. Despite his young age Sam the guide on the Sekonyer was comfortable to be around and did not intrude on our own time and space. Upik in Banjarmasin and Loksado was very helpful and kept us well fed and cared for. I think we had 8 different fruits one day many we had not tried before! You may want to adjust your itinerary to accurately describe the rafting experience as we had read that we would be making the rafts with the villagers and found the reality to be not so exciting. It was still pleasant but not what we expected. All in all though we are very satisfied and would use your services again. kind regards and best wishes to all our new friends in Kalimantan. Sharon

Martin Lodge
Dewi, I just got back from a trip to Bintan with the family. This followed Bella & my trip with you to Kalimantan. I wanted to email you to thank you and your colleagues for all their work to make our trip very special. We had a wonderful time (despite a few mosquitoes and a few crowds on the Sunday !). Our guide, Tina, took special care of us and - in particular - of Bella (who is only 9 years old). The attached photo is of them in one of their many conversations. I would recommend your services to those who were looking for a simple, fun adventure. The price is attractive, the service friendly and genuine, you and your team took care of us and always advised us well. I look forward to future trips and, in particular, am keen to look at Flores and the Sumatra trip that we originally discussed. When would you recommend as a good time of year for these trips ? Rgds, M Martin Lodge SHERIDAN RL

Dr. Jefremova and Mr. Efremov
Dear Adventure Indonesia Our trip was superb ! Thank you for making us happy and giving us such a wonderful memories. We are sure there is much more to be seen in other areas of Indonesia. We are looking forward to come back. This trip would not of been the same without help from Adventure Indonesia. We would recommended your company to anyone who wanted to see some unspoiled places in Indonesia and real wild animals along with endangered orangutans. Special thanks to Jeffry who was so helpful, knowledgeable and efficient regardless of our demands. We couldn't have done this trip without him. If you would like us to write something for your website as a recommendation we would be happy to do that. Thanks again and we hope to return one day. Dr. Jefremova and Mr. Efremov, Canada Mr.& Ms. Krasnov, Russia

Margie Schneiderman
Hi Novi, I apologize for the long delay in writing back to you. Virginia had a wonderful time on her trip and I want to thank you for making this all happen She told me that everything worked perfectly - the hotels were nice and the guides very good. So thank you and I will surely contact you the next time I have a client visiting Indonesia AND I will spread the word to other agents about your superb service. My heart goes out to the people in Indonesia who are waiting to hear news of Air Asia 8501. I hope you were not personally affected by this tragedy. Wishing you a wonderful New Year Best Margie Margie Schneiderman J & I TRAVEL 475 Park Avenue South - 33rd fl New York, NY 10016