Mr. Lars Toldbo

​Dear Novi,

We have just returned from a very nice holiday in Indonesia, and I´ll like to give you my feedback on your arrangements. First of all I´m very satisfied with the whole arrangement. You are a real professional. Always quick to respond. Kind and friendly in your contact with me and everything went according to plan. I´ll never hesitate to contact you again or recommend friends to contact you if they ever plan to travel in Indonesia. I was also very pleased with our guide Ithos, who assisted us in Toraja. Knowingly, kind and helpful. And our driver Erwin, who drove the car prudently and carefully – and always with a smile. We were also very pleased with Donbosco, a real nice person and the whole crew on the boat on the Komodo, Rinja and Padar trip. And yes we saw many, big dragons especially on Komodo.

In short: Excellent. Thank you. Hope to be back one day again. Papua? :)

Best wishes


Mrs. Diana Joan Marian Gouin

​Hello Novi,

We wanted to thank-you and all those involved in arranging our 27 day trip. All the guides were very knowledgeable and the drivers drove us safely. The local flights were appreciated. We were comfortable with the accommodation you arranged and especially enjoyed the klotok and perahu accommodation. The crew took good care of us and the cooks were amazing. Special thanks to our wonderful guides Sonny, Bowo, Silo, Wayang and especially Ben, who made us feel like family. All our guides made our trip so special with their sharing of the knowledge of their home. The information in a tourist book can never replace them!

Best wishes,

Marian, François, Lorraine and Catherine

Mr. Gary Katsof

Hi Yanthi,

I am sitting in the Bali airport waiting for my flight, and I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful 3 week trip you put together for us. Your guides gave me the feedback forms to fill out but I feel those are too general and I can provide much better information in an email.

Firstly Yanthi, your service was world class. I wish travel agents in Canada were as prompt, efficient and friendly as you. You made planning our trip so easy. I quickly realized that if I sent you a question, that I would wake up the next morning with a response. And I had plenty of questions, but you handled them all. The 12 hour time change between us made it seem like you could instantly get me my answers. I looked forward to your emails every morning during the planning of our trip.

Second, we thoroughly enjoyed all the hotels you suggested and the meals included along the way were all excellent.

Third, our transportation was always on time, vehicles clean and drivers friendly. 

Fourth, the guides. All of the guides were very friendly and nice.

Lastly, I want to mention how easy the booking process was and how efficient your accounting department was in billing and set-up of FastPay as payment method allowing me to use my credit card.

Please feel free to post my review on your website and thank you again for taking such great care of us.

Gary and Ben

Ms. Jennifer Tonkovich

Hello Andri!

I just got back to New York today after our wonderful trip. I will soon gather photos to send to you for use on your website. We had two professional photographers so lots of great pictures!

What follows are some comments, suggestions and observations:

Olfied was an exceptional guide: smart, funny, fluent, a good cook. We think he was the best part of our trip! He handled things so well (calm, professional, and thoughtful) when we had to change the entire trekking plan, he put us at ease in tense situations, and took care of even the smallest detail. He is truly top notch and one of the best guides I have had in my many years of travels. The team he assembled was also excellent. He's an absolute treasure!

The northern valley trek is lovely and well suited to older visitors and those who don't want a difficult hike every day. I think it is worth promoting the north given the conflict in the southern valley--maybe worth considering a few villages even further north. We'll send pictures of the campsites as well--they were both clean and attractive. I think even when possible, the southern trek isn't for everyone.

You can recommend to clients that they buy rubber boots in Wamena ($8). And if they want to bring something for the villages they visit, they should bring eye drops, antibiotic ointment, and bandages of all sizes. These are much needed in all villages and are inexpensive and lightweight to bring along.

You might encourage some guests to consider the Baliem Valley Resort given the tensions in Wamena and the fact that more treks will be from that area north of town.

Thank you again for all of your help in planning our trip---and I promise pictures soon!